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Book a Keynote

Sarah Siegand is available for keynote speaking, including travel dates and last-minute bookings. She loves to talk about technology and has a unique perspective about how it’s shaping our world.


Some keynote topics include: 

  • There is No Peace Without A Fight - How the path of least resistance with technology can end in disaster.

  • Circle the Wagons - Linking arms with other parents to change your school, church, city and nation.

  • Be the Parent - How to stop letting kids run the technology show in your home.

  • Slowing the Crazy - How to keep kids from getting sucked into social media or enslaved to their phones.

  • The P-Word - How porn has changed our world and why every leader and parent needs to care deeply about this issue.

  • A customized topic of your choice.


To inquire about booking a keynote, please email

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