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Parents Who Fight workshops cover the latest research and insight about online safety issues. Parents and caregivers will walk away with practical tools, strategies, and resources to better protect kids online. Workshops can be customized to fit your specific parent (or student) audience.

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Workshop Time Length

Workshops generally run between 1-3 hours (Number of sessions and duration determined by host; Parent and student presentations available over one or two days, if needed.)



Cost is assessed based on session length, not including travel expenses. Cost includes marketing support materials from PWF including online registration page, print-ready pdf files for posters and flyers, social media graphics, and over a dozen printable free take-home resources and follow-up materials for all who attend. (Cost may be off-set by nominal event registration fee for attendees at the discretion of host.) 


*Costs may vary depending on length and scope of presentation(s) and number of travel days; Speaking fee does not include travel expenses such as air fare, car rental, or lodging, if applicable.



Parents Who Fight seminars can fit into any school or faith community, and we focus on actionable strategies for families, not fear. 


Parent topics covered

  • What aspects of apps and social media are particularly dangerous for kids, tweens, and teens;

  • How parental controls and monitoring can help keep unwanted content out of your home, provide accountability, and help you find balance.

  • Resources for talking to your kids about sensitive subjects such as explicit content and predators.

  • Strategies for setting boundaries on family tech

  • Raising kids who develop internal filters to reject the false promises of pornography and social media.


Student topic options (depending on age) 

  • Secular topics: Digital Footprint, Tricky People (Predators), Digital Civility, Pornography, Manipulation from Big Tech, Social Media Dangers, Life Beyond the Screen

  • Faith-based topics: Honoring God with Tech, Accountability in the Digital Age, Counter-Culture Kids

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