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2020: Perspective

:: Perspective ::

The saying goes… hindsight is always 2020. We certainly can see things more clearly when we look back with (here’s the key) perspective.

So it’s helpful for us to look back on each year as it comes to a close and consider all that 2019 brought our way. This perspective keeps us thankful and hopeful for all that the next year will bring.

Here are just a few of the many things we are thankful for in 2019:

  1. We presented 9 live parent workshops, reaching parents in our local community through schools, churches, and community groups.

  2. We led 8 student presentations, teaching kids from 1st – 10th grade how to stay safe and walk in wisdom in the digital age.

  3. We partnered with over 30 families to specifically walk them through digital set up and questions, either online or in person.

  4. We met with TN lawmakers three times in partnership with National Decency Coalition to support legislation to protect kids from pornography. We continue to help with this effort as the 2020 session approaches.

  5. We saw major positive changes take place to YouTube child accounts, YouTube Kids parental controls, and Instagram safety measures. We also saw great momentum in the movement to Fix App Ratings by our allies.

  6. We drafted new resources to strengthen church communities and families in the fight against pornography.

  7. We met with great new allies to strategize about how we can help one another protect families from digital dangers!

  8. We welcomed new and innovative technology into our world, like Relay and Gabb Wireless!

We can’t contain our excitement about all that 2020 holds… first up, PWF celebrates FIVE YEARS on January 15! Happy 2020!


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