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Childhood 2.0

The information age, smart phones, and social media have drastically changed the way children experience the world and others around them. In this feature-length documentary film by Kiowa and Jamin Winans and Robert Muratore of Double Edge Films, parents, teens, doctors, psychologists, and other experts explore the very real dangers our kids are confronted by everyday in the digital space. We were honored to have been interviewed as contributors in this film. It’s now available for FREE on Amazon Prime and on YouTube. Check out the trailer below!

We have intentionally gone against the grain in our own family, delaying smart phones, social media, and other forms of personal tech. Our two teenage sons may not always love this approach. But when they can see with their own eyes how their experiences differ from so many others in their generation, it does become worth it. We’ve set boundaries around tech in our home because we love them and we want them to look to us to know how to navigate these issues they will one day face. 

(Warning: mature audiences only! Watch first before knowing if it’s right for your kids!)


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