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Facing The Giants: Cosmo, Walmart & Target


A lot of you probably remember my infamous run-in with WalMart execs where I begged them to take Cosmopolitan Magazine out of my local neighborhood’s WalMart Market check out aisles. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and it went a little something like this:

While putting my groceries on a conveyor belt at WalMart this afternoon, I noticed a half-dozen people in suits walking by, which is highly unusual there. My eyes locked on a badge hanging from one man’s lapel — a WalMart badge. I looked up and a woman from the suited crew greeted me with a “Happy Thanksgiving!”

I instantly connected the dots and replied with great enthusiasm, “Are you guys WalMart executives?!” Slightly taken aback and not sure where I was going with this, she responded tentatively, “Yes…”

I smiled and said excitedly, “Oh great! Can I show you something?” 

“Sure,” they all said, smiling and curious. I walked about four feet over to the magazine rack at the checkout and explained my plight to get sexualized magazines like Cosmo removed — relocated to the magazine section instead of on every aisle. I explained that I cover them up with recipe magazines every time I come in, and I will continue to because they are inappropriate and a lot of people think so. Many families with children shop at this market, and the headlines full of “adult content” are always front and center in the rack.

The executives listened, nodded, and said they would make my opinion known to their peers. They were clearly surprised that I was so enthusiastic about voicing my concern… but they heard me. And they will continue to.

That was November 2014. Just one month prior, I had a similar experience at Target, and wrote this post about how simply voicing my concern to a manager got Cosmo pulled from every aisle (truthfully, they were probably restocked the next day… but it was a small victory to see I could really make an impact by speaking up).

In Summer 2015, I heard some FANTASTIC news about some really influential people about to take the fight against Cosmo in the checkout aisle to a whole new level. Victoria Hearst, the granddaughter of publisher William Randolph Hearst of the Hearst Corporation Empire, and Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, were teaming up with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (formally known as Morality in Media) to launch the #CosmoHarmsMinors campaign! The primary demand of the campaign is that Cosmo would no longer be allowed to be sold to minors.

I literally raised my hands in the air and let out a “Hallelujah!” when I read the news. Who says the giants are too great?! We are seeing momentum, and we believe change is coming! We are so thankful for all the organizations and leaders who are creating a national dialogue about this important topic. Moms and dads, we could be just steps away from seeing this pornographic magazine removed from the checkout stands at grocery retailers across the country. Please watch for tweets and posts with the #CosmoHarmsMinors hashtag, and consider voicing your support to the retailers in your community. If we ALL STAND UP FOR OUR KIDS, we can make a huge difference in the world they grow up in!

Also, join me in celebrating the influencers who are taking on the giants! Go get ‘em, ladies!!

CLICK HERE FOR A MAJOR UPDATE IN MARCH 2018 – Walmart pledges to remove the mag from the checkout aisles and move them to the magazine section in 5,000 stores! Say THANK YOU!!

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