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Going Virtual

Online Consultations

We’re four months into the global pandemic and just now catching a bit of time to breathe and strategize for the fall. We know so many families who are navigating online school again (us too!), starting in the next month or so. We’ve seen the anxiety resurge about how to protect kids online with this increase of access.

The good news is, there are MANY solutions that can help you get your arms around screen time and content filtering or management! All most parents need is someone to help them come up with a solid strategy, based on their goals. We want to help you! We are making ourselves available for virtual consultation appointments to help families narrow down the best solutions for their unique dynamics, or even coach them through setting up parental controls on solutions they have already landed on.

Appointments would be over zoom conferencing, and we’re available for individual household consultations, or even small groups of parents who want to “share” a consultation.

We’d love to help you! Click this link to schedule your consultation today!


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