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No Excuses: Parental Controls

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And just to make things a little bit easier for you, our friends at Covenant Eyes have put together a great collection of videos to walk you through some popular devices and apps that offer restrictions or parental controls. That’s right, no excuses... they are making it easy for us! I’ve put some of these videos below, along with the link to the page on their site that spells everything out for you.

So pour yourself a big cup of coffee and let’s DO THIS. A safer family starts NOW. Happy viewing!

Setting Up Parental Controls on Chromebook

For the step-by-step Chromebook instructions, click here.

Setting Up Parental Controls on iOS (Apple Products)

For the step-by-step iOS instructions, click here.

Setting Up Parental Controls on XBox One

This one’s more complicated, but here are the step-by-step instructions for XBox One!

Setting Up Restricted Mode on YouTube

Here are the YouTube step-by-step instructions!

Setting Up Parental Controls on Netflix

Click here to walk through the step-by-step Netflix instructions.

Just Do It!

So there you have it.. a decent jump start on a making a few common devices and apps safer for your family. In addition to these parental controls, we recommend using a wifi/router filter like OpenDNS or Circle. And for the necessary component of accountability (plus additional filtering) on each device — we recommend Covenant Eyes.

Get a FREE MONTH of Covenant Eyes using the promo code: parentswhofight

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