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parents who fight on a mission

Let’s Help Those Teachers Too!

One recent connection we’ve made is with Safe Smart Social, an organization we’ve followed for quite some time, gleaning great app safety tips from them.

In fact, Safe Smart Social published this blog from our co-founder, Sarah on their site: 5 Tips To Become a Cyber Savvy Parent or Educator. Here’s an excerpt:

parents who fight

In April, Sarah will be a panelist at Safe Smart Social’s Digital Citizenship Conference in Los Angeles, California. We have no doubt it will be an impactful opportunity to join forces with other online safety and tech professionals to equip parents and educators in the Souther California region.

Don’t Forget Those Preschoolers!

parents who fight

We love joining forces with others who care about protecting kids online. This is why we started Parents Who Fight—to connect parents with the resources they need to fight for their kids’ healthy futures. Do you know an organization we need to connect with? Let us know in the comments below!

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