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Pandemic Parenting

Here we are in day 29 of parenting through a global pandemic. Although we seem to be figuring a few things out, we continue to wrestle with how to balance home school, kids being glued to screens, and trying to work and be productive. We’ve nearly gone crazy 237 times. That was before lunch yesterday! But an amazing group of parenting and family experts decided to create a FREE virtual conference happening NEXT WEEK (April 20-23 from 4-8pm EST). They’re on a mission to help right now, while we’re #stuckathome. You might be wondering daily: What’s best for my kids? Are they online too much? What are they looking at? Am I educating them as well as their teachers would? Are they still learning social skills like they would if we weren’t quarantined? Am I supposed to be on a ZOOM meeting right now? It can be tempting to think that “perfect parents” can handle it all. Except there’s no such thing! Which is why we’re so glad the Pandemic Parenting Virtual Conference was created. It’s for imperfect parents like us.

We want you to personally join us for this special FREE event! We can’t wait to see you there!

Check out a few of these session titles from some of our favorite tech parenting experts:

  1. Virtual School White Hot Rage: Moving from Resistance to Acceptance – Melissa Griffin – Founder, HR Mom

  2. It Wasn’t Supposed to be this Way – Creating Smooth Transitions for Rising Middle and High Schoolers – Katey McPherson – Speaker, Mental Health Advocate

  3. 8 Hours Straight on Snapchat – Monitoring Social Media while #stuckathome – Chris McKenna, Founder, CEO, Protect Young Eyes

  4. Trust but Verify – Relationship-based Web Monitoring for Students – Titania Jordan – Bark Technologies Chief Parent Officer


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