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Safer Internet Day

safer internet day 2017

All of us want our kids to make good choices online. But remember, if they have done something that surprises you or disappoints you online, sometimes it’s the result of them having too much access beyond what their maturity can handle. Our choices as parents must also be wise and responsible, making sure we have rightly judged what they are ready for, and deliberately restricting what they are not ready for . I challenge you today, on Safer Internet Day to:

CHOOSE to talk to your kids about the dangers and harms of social media, pornography, and bullying.

CHOOSE to learn more about what technology you can utilize to provide monitoring and accountability for the devices your kids have access to.

CHOOSE to spend more low-tech time as a family. Get out and enjoy this beautiful non-digital world we live in!

#kids #onlinesafety


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