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Safer Internet for Children

Today, Feb. 5, 2019 is Safer Internet Day across the globe. But right here in our own backyard, we’re excited to get behind new legislation being introduced in Tennessee, a resolution called “Safer Internet for Children.” Basically, it’s an effort to require Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to do something well within their scope of technological capability: block known pornographic sites by default, allowing users to opt out of the block if requested. These efforts are already successfully being implemented with ISPs in other countries, and we want them to be implemented in the USA too.

Watch the video interview with Ricky Darr.

Our friend and ally Ricky Darr of the National Decency Coalition is helping to spearhead this resolution, and he has a lot of great information about how the legislation would work and how parents can get involved. To learn more about the legislation, watch our Facebook Live Interview. Or go to web site for more information and updates.

Get Involved

We urge parents to contact their local officials, pointing them to this effort and voicing your support for this initiative. If you’re in Tennessee, you can find their contact information here.


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