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Undone Redone Podcast

We’re thrilled to share this guest podcast episode that our co-founder, Sarah, did with the dynamic couple who runs the ministry podcast Undone Redone.

Tray and Melody Lovvorn are a couple with a powerful story about grace and reconciliation, and they do phenomenal work helping families navigate the digital world in ways that promote emotional health. Their most recent venture, My Secure Family, is a one-stop-shop resource for finding tons of information, tips, and training to know how to protect kids online, and we are honored to be contributors to this valuable community.

Although Parents Who Fight is not officially a “ministry” (we want ALL parents to have the resources they need to protect their kids online, no matter what their religious beliefs are!), this interview with Tray and Mel was a great chance for us to share how our Christian faith fuels our fight for kids!

To listen to Sarah’s podcast interview, click here. If you enjoy this episode of Undone Redone, please subscribe and have each episode delivered to you automatically for FREE!


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