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Using Restricted Mode on YouTube

***UPDATE (OCT. 5, 2017): YouTube’s new “updated” look also takes away a very crucial parental safety setting on their platform… the Restricted Mode LOCK. Make sure you read this blog to discover the workaround, or your kids may not be protected on YouTube!***

Do you know how to limit your kids’ exposure to explicit videos or mature content on YouTube? Restricted Mode is a simple feature that makes a big difference, but it’s certainly not foolproof. We want to help you understand the pros and cons of You Tube Restricted Mode. [CLICK ON THE VIDEO ABOVE TO WATCH THE TUTORIAL.]

Millions of kids regularly watch YouTube videos, and a common story we hear from parents is that their young children (under 11) were first exposed to pornography through this popular site/app. Enabling Restricted Mode can help reduce this risk considerably. If your child is looking for garbage, they may still be able to find it, but locking Restricted Mode still provides some level of protection for blocking content that is rated or flagged as “mature” and for keeping overtly inappropriate videos from showing up in search results or the “suggested” feed. This step-by-step video will show you how to set and lock Restricted Mode no matter who is signed in to YouTube on your computer. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to lock restricted mode on mobile versions of YouTube (which account for half of YouTube traffic).

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