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VIDEO: Those Meddling Parents!

We recently heard a story about a group of middle school boys helping each other work around some parental controls to view pornography. Basically, they were telling each other how to get access to apps their parents had already deleted (Parents had at some point approved an app through iOS Family Sharing for download, but since deleted it). Little did these parents know that “once approved by Family Sharing = ALWAYS approved by Family Sharing.” So these sweet boys were re-downloading Chrome, viewing whatever they wanted, and deleting Chrome once again. Should it be that easy?

Well, that’s where us meddling parents come in!

Let’s trade some of our own secrets that can prevent these kinds of shenanigans. LIKE:

  1. Disable Installing AND Deleting Apps in the phone’s restrictions settings.

  2. Set the app age restrictions or turn off all apps completely, again in the phone’s restrictions settings.

  3. Blocking the app with a third party blocking service like NetSanity or CircleGO.

  4. Making sure NO BROWSER will access adult or “mature” web sites by using the phone’s restrictions settings. 

Watch the video for step-by-step instructions and pass it on to parents who need it. We gotta stick together and help each other out! Have another workaround you wanna throw out there? Post it in the comments!


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