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This pack includes 5 tokens and 10 stickers. Tokens are wooden nickels that read "You've been spotted in a tech-free parenting win," with the challenge on the back to "pass it on." Stickers read "My heart & mind are at peace without screens" and "My brain is energized without screens." Here's how it works: You're out and about at the grocery store, a restaurant, a doctor's appointment, anywhere with kids. You spot a parent (or grandparent) with kids in tow and no technology to entertain them. Maybe they're reading a book, engaging in conversation, playing with a toy... anything but tech. You pull a token and some stickers out of your purse or pocket, approach the parent to tell them they're doing an awesome job, giving them a token. Then you congratulate the kiddos with stickers to let them know screen-free moments are worth celebrating. ENCOURAGEMENT IS CONTAGIOUS!


Price includes shipping + handling.

Encouragement Pack (5 Tokens & 10 Stickers)

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