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Smart Girl, Stupid World: Choosing Right in a World Gone Wrong is a non-fiction book by Sarah Siegand for teenage girls and their mentors. 


The choices women make during the critical years of adolescence and early adulthood often have life-long consequences. Image, "likes," and Insta-fame reign in Western culture, and scarcely can a woman escape the drift of stupidity unless she is prepared to fight. Her weapon? Wisdom. Not a list of do’s and don’ts… but clear, guiding principles that can be applied in the most desperate situations to preserve a young woman’s destiny. Through tragic and inspiring real-life stories, Sarah Siegand paints a vivid picture of the consequences choices bring, while boldly offering truth and perspective to bring readers to a place of decision. With vulnerability and humor, Siegand beckons young women, and those who lead them, to discover purpose and redemption through Christ. Written in a format perfect for small groups and mentoring relationships, Smart Girl, Stupid World is a daring call to wisdom for an emerging generation.

Smart Girl, Stupid World (Book)

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